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Ministry of Finance Releases First Monthly Fiscal Report

Reports Government Spending for January 2022

Central Communications Unit

March 21, 2022

In keeping with the requirements of the Public Finance Management Act, 2021, the Ministry of Finance has released its first monthly fiscal report to the public reporting on the result of Government’s operations for the month of January 2022.

The January 2022 Monthly Fiscal Report, outlining the Government’s revenue and expenditure for the month, is prepared and published in keeping with the requirements of transparency and accountability. The report for January 2022 revealed a continued firming of revenue performance to $232.1 million as the economy continues to rebound. Expenditure during the period widened to $241.5 million, largely due to increases in interest expenditure. As a result of these factors, a net deficit of $9.3 million was achieved. Government borrowings during the month totaled $52.2 million and were outpaced by repayments of $111.2 million. As a result, Central Government’s net debt decreased during the month by $58.9 million.

The Ministry invites and encourages the public to visit the national Budget Website ( to view the various statistical reports available to the public.