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The Ministry of Finance publishes in-year, quarterly budget performance reports that provide information about the Government’s revenue performance, expenditure developments, debt activity and policy initiatives for enhanced public financial management. The Ministry also produces a user-friendly "fiscal snapshot” that summarizes the key developments and trends in the quarterly budget report. 

First Quarter Fiscal Snapshot & Report on Budgetary Performance FY 2021/2022

Latest Fiscal Snapshot & Report

Preliminary data from the Central Government’s operations for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2021-2022 indicate an expected narrowing of the fiscal deficit to $153.5 million from $345.1 million in the previous year. This outcome is largely due to the reopening of the economy. Revenue receipts improved with increased tourism and taxable activities due to lessened COVID restrictions. However, expenditure to support various social assistance and employment support programs in response to the pandemic continued during the period.


First Quarter Fiscal Snapshot

First Quarter Report on Budgetary Performance

First Quarter Fiscal Snapshot

Fourth Quarter Budgetary Performance FY2020/21

Preliminary data on the budget performance for FY2020/21 shows the Government performed materially in line with the parliamentary approved fiscal targets, closing the year with a budget deficit of $1.348 billion, inclusive of $273.3 million in COVID-19 related expenditures and $68 million approved in June by Parliament to build a major multi-story extension to the Princess Margaret Hospital.

During Fiscal Year 2020/21, the Government, with the approval of Parliament, shifted its budgetary strategy from fiscal consolidation to one that responded to the severe economic contraction caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The approved fiscal strategy called for investments in public health and safety, expansion of social protections, and restoration of economic stability. To meet the demands of the ‘Resilient Bahamas’ plan, the Parliament unanimously agreed to increase  the deficit to $1.3 billion to pay for the significant but necessary financial cost of economic mitigation efforts.


Fourth Quarter Fiscal Snapshot & Budget Performance Report

Q4 Fiscal Report_FY2020_21v5.1_COMBINED (WEB).pdf

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