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The Ministry of Finance publishes in-year, quarterly budget performance reports that provide information about the Government’s revenue performance, expenditure developments, debt activity and policy initiatives for enhanced public financial management. The Ministry also produces a user-friendly "fiscal snapshot” that summarizes the key developments and trends in the quarterly budget report. 

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Fourth Quarter Budget Performance FY2019/20

Preliminary data on the budget performance for FY2019/20 shows the dramatic impact of Hurricane Dorian and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic on the fiscal performance. The deficit saw an estimated threefold increase to $788.1 million, from $219.3 million in the previous year, when the Government then achieved the lowest fiscal deficit in over a decade. 

“Despite the strain on Government finances, we continue to meet our obligations while playing an important role to sustain domestic economic activity. Consistent with our budgeted plans, we are  disbursing millions in unemployment assistance, maintaining public service salaries, and engaging in targeted capital expenditures to support the COVID-19 response and the broader effort to restore the economy,” said K. Peter Turnquest, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.


Fourth Quarter Fiscal Snapshot & Report on Budget Performance FY2019/20

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