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Healthcare Improvements and Vaccinations

The government will continue its support for the public healthcare system by making a $100 million investment to improve physical health infrastructure. This investment represents the largest investment in healthcare in the modern Bahamas. The Rand Memorial Hospital in Grand Bahama will benefit from the construction of a new $19 million multi-story tower. Princess Margaret Hospital will also see a new state-of-the-art expansion by way of $70 million dollars in reserve account funding. Through targeted initiatives, the government will continue to encourage all who are able to become vaccinated. Universal access to the public health system will be augmented through a $1 million investment in the advancement of telemedicine. 

Section Highlight

Advancing the National Health Insurance Program

Accelerate Bahamas affirms the government’s belief in universal access to quality health care.  The new plan will help the National Health Insurance (NHI) program to advance significantly. Under the expansion, all Bahamians will have access to public and private doctors for primary care and related services. 


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