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Digitization and Innovation

Broad digital transformation has been a core tenet of this administration’s commitment to making public services more efficient and accessible to all. The digitization of government services will continue to be a top priority under Accelerate Bahamas. The plan will support the digital transformation of the private sector by eliminating the duty on digital transformation hardware, software and services.

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Digitization Beyond

The government will further its modernization efforts with an increased allocation for upskilling and training the workforce in technology, supporting the expansion of the Central Bank’s Sand Dollar ecosystem, and the implementation of a Cyber Security Response Team.

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MyGateway Expansions Continue

The Bahamian public can expect to see the continued expansion of the MyGateway platform, the centralized, safe and secure way to request and pay for government services. Over 6,000 Bahamians have already registered for MyGateway and 40 new services are expected to go online by December 2021.


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