Presented by The Ministry of Finance

Hon. Desmond Bannister

The Ministry of Public Works & Urban Development is responsible for planning and producing quality services that will protect, improve, provide for and maintain the physical infrastructure and natural environment of The Bahamas.

Key Budget Numbers


New comprehensive school to be built in Inagua.
Retention Payments to be made towards the stabilization of the coastroad in Elbow Cay, Abaco

Projects to be completed this year
  • The asphalt plant foundation construction is now 90 percent complete, and scheduled to be completed by July 2021. 

  • Bahamix anticipates that the commissioning of new plant will be in December of 2021, which will greatly enhance efficiency. 

  • Renovations to the Government House to be completed in January 2022.

  • The Construction of South Andros All Purpose Gymnasium began in January 2021, and is scheduled to be completed by March 2022.

  • Renovation and expansion of the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) Fire Services Facility scheduled to be completed by August 2021.

  • Andre Rodgers Baseball Stadium  

  • Construction to begin on Little Abaco Bridge

Long Island Road Repairs and Carriageway Rehabilitation Project

Repairs to approximately 5 miles  in central and north Long Island from the Airport to Seymours and various sections in the south. 

Eleuthera Road Repairs and Carriageway Rehabilitation Project

Reconstruction of 15 miles in various sections of the QHW across the island in hot mix asphalt. The project cost is $11.1 million. The project is over 75% completed. 

Abaco Seawall and Carriageway Rehabilitation

 The works include construction of approximately 1500 feet of insitu concrete gravity retaining wall with a 4 feet wide concrete slab walkway adjacent to the seawall.

Black Point Exuma, Road Repairs and Carriageway 

Rehabilitation much needed repairs and reconstruction of over 3 miles in Black Point at a cost $1.5 million. The project is now substantially completed. 

Exuma Road Repairs and Carriageway Rehabilitation Project

This is another road project being part of the Family Island Programme. It involves ten (10) miles from the Airport to the town centre including isolated repairs in other sections of the island. The project budget is $8.04 million with a duration of twelve (12) months.

Tarpum Bay Road Repairs and Carriageway Rehabilitation – Eleuthera Repairs to existing roads in the Tarpum Bay Settlement of South Eleuthera, at a cost of eight hundred thousand dollars 

Harbour Island Road Repairs and Carriageway Rehabilitation

 Harbour Island, Eleuthera 126 Reconstruction and repairs of 6 miles in Harbour Island in pearock and sand seal. The project cost is two million, seven hundred thousand dollars ($2.7M). The contractor has mobilized to site with works starting in the first week of May 2021. Expected completion is December 2021 

Grand Bahama Road Repairs and Carriageway Rehabilitation

 Project Reconstruction of approximately eight (8) miles in East, Central and West Grand Bahama. The works will be in Hot mix asphalt at a cost of $6.1 million. The works are now 30% completed. 

Design of Gladstone Road Improvement Project (From JFK Drive to Carmichael Road)

 The Ministry has engaged the JV team of Engineering & Technical Services Ltd. and Parsons to deliver a design for and monitor the construction of the upgraded corridor. When the design is completed the corridor will be converted from a single carriageway to a dual carriageway.  

Twin Lakes Subdivision Project

This project is scheduled to be completed by the end of summer with a cost of $692,360.26 . 

Village Road Project

 The rehabilitation to the roadway, improvement of its level of service and installation of critical power and water infrastructure upgrades in conjunction with Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) and Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC), comes at a cost of $7,141,788.80.  

Great Harbour Cay Airport Terminal

With the contract for the new Terminal Building, the airport runway, taxiway, apron and carparks need to be upgraded. The project started in June 2019. The original budget for the project was $3.4 million, however additional funding in the amount of $5.9 million was approved for the runway RESA and strip improvement to meet International Civil Avitation Organization (ICAO) standards.  This project is approximately 75% completed and is scheduled to be completed by October 2021. 

Rehabilitation and repairs to the Runway at Bimini International Airport

 South Bimini: The total reconstruction of the 6500 feet runway with addition of a new turnpad in hotmix asphalt in Bimini. The cost of the project is $5.6 million with a duration of 9 months. The project is progressing well with the temporary runway completed and works to the existing runway to start in two weeks. 

Long Island International Airport 

Deadman’s Cay, Long Island: A new terminal building is currently out to Tender. Tenders are due back by the end of the month, and it is anticipated that a contract will be awarded in early August for construction to commence in September 2021.


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This year we have presented a budget that faces the stark reality of an international recession and pandemic. We on this side have referred to it as a plan for growth. This is the budget that the Government firmly believes will accelerate the recovery of our economy. Despite the rhetoric of the debate, it is a budget that every loyal, patriotic citizen will support."


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