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Hon. Elsworth Johnson

The Bahamas Ministry of Financial Services, Trade & Industry and Immigration is responsible for providing vision, strategic direction, policy and information related to the movement of financial resources, goods and people in The Bahamas.

Key Budget Numbers


Digitization of Government Processes
It is expected that the full digitization of all processes will be completed in the first quarter of the new fiscal year – that is by the end of September 2021. This will include the incorporation of the complete online portal thus drastically improving the ease of doing business. 

Completion of Medical Dorms, Continued Education For Officers & Succession Planning Efforts 

  • Full completion of medical dorms & k9 kennels at the detention center 
  • Succession planning efforts – including completion of the agency-wide promotion exercise
  • Continued exploration of overseas and local homeland security courses for officers 

Collaboration with BFSB to Continue Global Promotion
The Ministry is also working with BFSB to continue the global promotion of the industry through our sponsorship and representation at several events including:

  • Step Latam and Association of banks and trust companies “Nassau conference” in September
  • Private wealth: Latin America & Caribbean forum (markets group) in October, and
  • Forum for impact Americas in November 


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This government is welcoming of ideas. The economic recovery report speaks to that. And in my ministry, we have stakeholder engagements consistently as a matter of policy."


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