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Hon. Michael Pintard

As an integral part of the country’s source of natural resources, this ministry implements, monitors, reviews and evaluates the policies and the work programmes for the expansion of the Departments of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Cooperative Development to ensure compliance with the overall goals and objectives of the government.

Key Budget Numbers


Fisheries Trainning Programme

In July 2021, the Ministry of Agriculture through the Department of  Marine Resources (DMR) will embark on a fisheries training  programme designed to teach fishers in the Grand Bahama  community how to construct fish pots. The main objectives of the fish pot training programme would  be to:

  • Train fishers in the art and techniques of fish pot construction;  and 

  • Create an opportunity for an alternative livelihood for some  fishers to commence small start-up businesses in fish pot and  land crab pot construction.

Extension Services

An Extension Services Strategy has been prepared to improve production, resiliency and productivity in the agricultural sector. The strategy seeks to modernize the delivery of extension services by: 

  • increasing the number of extension officers,
  • strengthening the capacity of extension officers, 
  • improving farmer access to training using Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) tool

Regional and International Partners

Despite the pandemic, The Bahamas continued to receive support from International organizations such as the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and Food  & Agricultural Organization (FAO)IICA and FAO. IICA and the Ministry worked together on a series of composting and waste management workshops and was also a part of the pilot project aimed to develop an ICT Application. The Ministry intends to continue this work in digital agriculture in the coming year.

School Feeding Programme

FAO’s newest project, Hand-In-Hand Initiative, will establish agri-tech incubators with the aim of promoting the development of agri-businesses and agri-entrepreneurs, further supporting agri-food systems on the islands. Further strengthening of rural economies will be provided through the linkages between the rural farmers and school food vendors as a part of the School Feeding Programme, which is also supported by the FAO.

Rebranding of Cooperative Sector

The department has undertaken a rebranding of the cooperative sector, which has significantly reduced the gap between traditional business enterprises and cooperative enterprises. The Department of Cooperative Development continues to strengthen its operational capabilities, technical competencies, technology improvement, product development and market penetration of producer/service co-operatives and school co-operatives


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Food Security is a process; there is no quick fix but it is possible and together we can and will accomplish it as a united Bahamas."


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