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What is the outlook for government expenditure?

Government spends on goods and the provision of services to meet the public needs, chief among which are education, healthcare, social protection, defense and public order and safety.

Due to the combination of declining revenue and increasing expenditures brought on by Hurricane Dorian and COVID-19, the Government had to postpone the achievement of its targets for fiscal consolidation.  The Government anticipates that, as these adverse impacts lessen, the associated extraordinary spending will be significantly reduced.  In the interim, the Government will continue to responsibly protect families, communities and businesses which will in turn, support and accelerate the recovery.

$3.2 Billion

Total Expenditure

The Government is accelerating the economic recovery by strategically investing in key industries, while continuing to support vulnerable communities. Such contributions are essential to building resilience in vulnerable sectors of the economy.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? This table shows the amount of money allocated by the Government in the upcoming fiscal year for goods and services. The majority of this spending is for services and utilies, communication, and rent.

What is the Government spending money on?

During times of economic crisis, governments play a significant role in restarting the economic engine of any economy. History has shown that during such times, reducing Government expenditure either exacerbates the economic downturn or delays the economic recovery. The measures outlined in the Accelerate Bahamas plan and the FY2021/22 budget represent targeted spending designed to accelerate the economic recovery and boost revenues. The Government is also mindful of ensuring its spending allows it to meet its obligations of fiscal transparency and accountability in its Fiscal Responsibility Act, 2018.

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