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Administrative amendments to RPT help administer sale of property

Stiffer penalties for non-compliance, contravention

Central Communications Unit

June 8, 2020

The Government is proposing to make a number of amendments to the Real Property Tax Act, 1969 to promote greater clarity in some instances, and enhanced administration. These amendments result in no tax increases. 

Firstly, the Act was amended to clarify an issue related to the sale of property that has tax arrears, by amending the Act to reflect the shift to VAT from stamp tax in the last Budget. 

The Act will be further amended to allow the Chief Valuation Officer the power to request any document, as well as for the taxpayer to provide any information deemed necessary or otherwise required for the Administration of the Act. This clarifies the existing provision in the Act which spoke only to documents necessary to support a declaration. This gives the Chief Valuation Officer more power to request information for the general administration of the Act, including the development of a property registry and tax compliance.

Lastly, the Real Property Tax Act was amended to strengthen garnishee provisions, to align with provisions in the VAT Act and Business Licence Act, specifically regarding non-compliance, and contravention. For example, in the instance where a person who has been served a notice fails to comply, the Chief Valuation Officer will be permitted to recover the amount owed or property owned by the person.


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